The New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority (Olympic Authority) announces a sponsorship agreement with Adirondack Beverages and Polar Beverages. This partnership brings together lifestyle brands that align with the Olympic Authority and its commitment to sporting excellence and environmental stewardship.

Adirondack Beverages and its parent company Polar Beverages provide crafted soft drink options for guests at each of the Olympic Authority venues, which include the Olympic Center, the Olympic Jumping Complex, Mt Van Hoevenberg, and the ski resorts at Belleayre, Gore and Whiteface Mountains. As host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games, the iconic venues in Lake Placid continue to be a vibrant hub for major sporting events and elite training year-round, while welcoming sports enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The three partner logos -- Polar, Olympic Authority, and Adirondack Beverages.

“We’re really excited to enter into this partnership with the Olympic Authority,” said Polar Marketing Senior Vice President, Ralphie Crowley. “Polar has always been about our commitment to excellence in our craft and we are proud of our longstanding heritage. The Olympic Authority, with its storied history and world-class venues, is the perfect fit for us.”

The Polar Beverage sustainability strategy is based on balance – economic, social and environmental. Initiatives include sustainable manufacturing using low-energy production technologies, reduced water usage through technology and innovation, minimizing raw materials, increasing recycling efforts, and providing healthy alternatives.

New York State has one of the nation’s most ambitious climate plans focused on creating a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. Building upon this vision, the Olympic Authority has actively sought partnerships with companies that share these ideals.

“The modernizations of the Olympic Authority venues have been tremendous, attracting a record-breaking number of visits during the 2022-2023 fiscal year,” said Liz Mezzetti, the Olympic Authority’s Sales and Marketing Director. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Polar and Adirondack Beverages as their strategic sustainability efforts and naturally sourced ingredients are aligned with our values and further resonates with our guests.”

Polar Beverages, the largest independent soft drink bottling company in the United States, has earned a devoted following over more than 140 years of producing high-quality seltzers, mixers, and dry sodas using natural ingredients. Polar and Adirondack both offer a diverse range of flavors, packaging their products in sustainable and recyclable aluminum containers. Polar’s carbonated water is triple-filtered and locally sourced with no sugars, no artificial flavors, and no sodium. This provides the Olympic Authority’s guests with a beverage option that complements their active lifestyles.

Polar Beverages is a fourth-generation, family-owned business based in Worcester, Mass., with deep ties to the ski industry as owners of Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Princeton, Mass.

Adirondack Beverages, located in Scotia in the Mohawk Valley of New York, creates an authentic craft soda experience that originates with water from the Adirondack Mountains and is locally sourced from a protected glacial aquifer. Adirondack offers a wide variety of traditional flavors, including Black Cherry, Cream Soda, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Cola, Orange, Grape, and many more.