Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) is offering companies the opportunity to become a partner in a myriad of Authority activities and events. Our Corporate Development staff would like to discuss the many sponsorship platforms that are at your disposal on a year-round or seasonal basis.

A partnership with ORDA provides a unique brand association and a powerful tool to enhance your hospitality and entertainment strategies.

Summer and winter seasons are busy with approximately 880,000 visitors coming through ORDA turnstiles at six venues each year. We can offer you a multitude of opportunities to bring your business to virtually all of them.


Six Sites, One Experience

The Authority has hosted over 275 major national and international events during its tenure. They have included the Inaugural 2000 Winter Goodwill Games, the ESPN Great Outdoor Games (July 2000, 2001 and 2002), World Championships in Freestyle Skiing and Bobsledding, and numerous world cups, national championships and international competitions.

Having invested over $550 million in venue improvements during recent years, ORDA continues to provide venues for athletes from around the world. ORDA is constantly looking to expand and improve the training facilities to ensure they continue to be among the best in the world and Lake Placid maintains its recognition as the “Winter Sports Capital of the World.”

The Olympic Regional Development Authority and its partners manage events and competitions with its communications, corporate marketing, planning, events, finance, marketing, sports development and timing/scoring departments.

The ORDA management team provides the following support functions: general administration, event management, finance, personnel, engineering, purchasing, sales and marketing, advertising, corporate marketing and sponsorships, public relations, and computer and information systems.

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We would love to discuss the many sponsorships, promotional and advertising platforms that are available on a year-round or seasonal basis. Contact us today to be part of our legacy.


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