The New York Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) has taken significant steps to improve the systems that support volunteers and to reward them for their participation at events.

The Events team and volunteer staff at ORDA recently collaborated to improve how the organization interacts with volunteers before, during, and after their service. From engaging new volunteers to streamlining sign ups to providing more flexible scheduling to ongoing communication, new technology is now being leveraged to make these processes easier and to support volunteers throughout their experience.

ORDA has bolstered the tangible benefits that come with volunteer service with a program that provides either lift ticket coupons or attractions coupons as tangible benefits for volunteer service. Now, after four hours or more, a volunteer gets their choice of a lift ticket or attractions coupon, offered at the end of a shift. A volunteer working fewer than four hours receives an attraction coupon, which even allows family and friends to accompany the volunteer. Visit for full details of the new benefits program, including the many venues and attractions where coupons can be used, volunteer opportunities, and to register with the new online system.

“Volunteers are essential for our small local events and the big national and international competitions, too. With all our venues now transformed and fully modernized, more athletes will be coming from more places to more events than ever before.  We are enormously grateful for all the volunteers stepping up to help our Olympic Region communities and the entire North Country grow and prosper from the opportunities coming our way.”  – Jeremy Freeman, Director of Events