New York Governor Kathy Hochul traveled to Plattsburgh Tuesday, April 26, 2022 to discuss the approved State budget and how it benefits ORDA and the North Country. This is a transcript of her remarks related to ORDA and investments in ORDA’s Olympic Legacy venues.

Governor Kathy Hochul:

“As for other exciting things happening in the North Country that are not happening anywhere else, how about those World University Games? Not too far down the road. I know people are looking for hotel rooms and bed and breakfasts and places to experience this. This is going to be extraordinary.

"The World Comes to Lake Placid, New York" headline with Mt Van Hoevenberg in the background

I had a chance to be part of the team on behalf of the State of New York to make the pitch. I remember being hold up in the conference center of a hotel in Lake Placid when this international search committee came. And somebody was from France and somebody was from here and somebody was from there, and I said, “Let’s just lock the door. We’re not going to feed them. Nobody leaves until they say yes. They’re going to say yes.”

I’m really simple when it comes to my negotiation strategies. So finally they’re hungry enough, and they said yes.” We’re very excited to be able to land them, and I cannot wait to be there to be at the opening ceremonies and celebrate. Again the spotlight of the world on the North Country, and all of you are going to benefit from that as well. We’re going to have all of the North Country play host. It’s going to have a profound region-wide impact, not just in Lake Placid and Gore and Whiteface but right here, the hotels and restaurants. Get ready. Put a lot of chairs in your restaurants. Get ready to expand because you’re going to need that.

And also we have to continue investing in ORDA as well. I meant it’s not in the neighborhood per se, but it is the region that has to thrive. So we’re putt an additional $105 million in new capital funding to make the enhancements at all the different facilities to make sure they’re world class. We have to continue to try to attract more organizations like the individuals to sponsored this and let them know we have world class facilities right here.”

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