Gore Mountain’s Compelling Vision and It’s Summer Projects

July 20, 2023

(The first in a series of three articles on summer projects at Olympic Authority mountains)

Already among the Northeast’s preeminent ski and snowboard resorts, Gore Mountain is hard at work building an even better future. The vision is a multi-faceted one that will serve to elevate the guest experience, transform its appeal as a year-round travel destination, build on its already strong visitor numbers, stabilize the local economy, and assure always improving environmental sustainability of its operations.

Important projects are already underway this summer, including the replacement of the Bear Cub Poma Lift with a new conveyor-load quad to provide optimal learning experiences for beginning skiers and riders. The Gore Team is also adding more efficient snowmaking, installing new infrastructure on Little Gore Mountain at the North Creek Ski Bowl.

Then in the spring of 2024, Gore will break ground on three other major re-development projects planned to transform the Ski Bowl. They include a new lodge and restaurant, a replacement of the old Hudson triple chair with a new, high-speed detachable quad, and an exciting, entirely unique new Zip Coaster attraction.

Projects for Summer 2023

This summer’s work on the Bear Cub lift at the base of Gore Mountain will remove an older sit-disc lift and replace it with a new quad chair lift and conveyor-loading system. Because the new lift will be much easier for beginners to ride in addition to effortlessly handling greater numbers of visitors, this change is a great stride forward in helping those new to the sport access the terrain they need to learn and develop skills.

Big changes area also coming to the snowmaking infrastructure at the Ski Bowl. By adding a new valve house at the top of the Hudson Triple, the Gore Snowmaking Team will be able to add new high-efficiency snow guns for the first time on the Moxham and 46’er trails. That translates to much improved skiing there in the coming 2023/24 season as well as preparing the Ski Bowl for increased activity in the 2024/25 season with excitement generated by the new lodge and lift.

Behind the scenes projects include a significant power upgrade and burying of lines. The upgrade will power the new lift, provide greater reliability in all conditions, and provide power at the top of the Hudson chair. New seasonal lockers are also being installed to make life easier for regular guests by removing the need to carry in gear every visit. And, of course, as with any large and so frequently used structures, there are regular needs for new carpet and paint around the lodges.

Projects for Summer 2024

The North Creek Ski Bowl, established in 1934, is owned by the Town of Johnsburg and is a year-round facility offering a variety of outdoor recreation. In December 2002, the Town of Johnsburg board members approved a contract with the Olympic Authority. The Olympic Authority has since operated and maintained several winter activities at the Ski Bowl. Gore Mountain has installed chairlifts there, improved trails and snowmaking, modernized and expanded the Joe Minder Lodge, and developed a professional Nordic Center with certified racecourses for State Championships and high school and college races.

In the spring of 2024, just after the 90th anniversary of the first ski train to bring 387 skiers to North Creek, Gore will break ground on a new 18,300-square-foot lodge, complete with a restaurant and two levels of outdoor patios, all positioned to become a popular destination for additional summer activities. The completion of the lodge is slated for 2025.

Also next summer, the old Hudson chair lift at the North Creek Ski Bowl will be replaced with a new, high-speed detachable quad that will lift will service all levels of ski trails, including the green circle Peaceful Valley trail as well as blue squares Moxham and Oak Ridge trails and the black diamond 46er trail as well as the Half & Half, JJ’s, and the Ski Bowl Glades. The new lift will also better accommodate the snowmaking upgrades. These important upgrades will be in place for the 2024/25 season in advance of the new lodge.

Additionally, giving an adrenaline-filled boost to the current range of summer activities at the Ski Bowl is the summer of 2024 installation new Zip Coaster, a unique attraction sure to bring many new visitors to North Creek. The only Zip Coaster of its kind in the Northeast, this will make the Ski Bowl a world-class zipline destination, and the new lodge will serve as a popular landing place for family summer fun, for in addition to the zipline, visitors will be able to enjoy hiking, scenic skyrides, mountain biking, a restaurant, and more. With installation slated for next summer, the Zip Coaster is expected to be operational when the lodge opens in the 2025 summer season.

These big upgrades make the winter of 2024/25 a now eagerly anticipated one at the Ski Bowl and will make the summer of 2025 its first really big summer.  They also constitute the implementation of Gore Mountain’s multifaceted vision, serving to realize a year-round travel destination that will provide a profoundly positive impact on the region in the decades to come.

A Rising Belleayre Mountain Embraces a Sumer of Advances

July 26, 2023

(The second article in a series of three articles on summer projects at Olympic Authority mountains)

In 1949, Belleayre Mountain in the Catskills boasted five trails and the first chair lift ever in the State of New York. Though its facilities were austere, such as the dirt floor in the cafeteria, the mountain’s management continually upgraded and refined them over the decades, and the mountain’s popularity grew along with the improvements.

Then in 2012, Belleayre’s operations were transferred to the Olympic Authority, and that success accelerated. Today, with 64 trails, eight lifts, including the Catskill Thunder Gondola, high-efficiency snowmaking systems, modern learning facilities, and three lodges, Belleayre is an ideal destination for families as well as highly skilled skiers and riders.

The Impacts of Upgrades

The upgrades continue to change the guest experience which, in turn, is changing where people go to ski and snowboard. In the 2022-23 season, skiers and riders flocked to Belleayre, producing record-breaking numbers, including 29 percent more visitors and 48 percent more revenue. The obvious fact is upgrades in recent years are shifting consumer preference and boosting sales big time.

This summer, work continues on multiple fronts. After all, though Belleayre is best known for being an alpine ski and snowboard wonderland, the mountain and its possibilities are far more expansive. So in addition to upgrading lifts, increasing snowmaking capacity, diversifying terrain and accessibility, future projects are also planned to expand summer hiking and mountain biking trails, upgrade Nordic ski trails, continue to improve sustainability, and install electric vehicle charging stations.

The Rigorous Planning Process

A major precursor to achieving such important goals is developing a Unit Management Plan (UMP). While the plans of many organizations are written without outside input, a UMP is different. It requires research, collaboration, careful analysis, a full environmental assessment, and public review and input before it can be seriously considered. The Belleayre UMP is a roadmap, forged jointly between the NYSDEC and the Olympic Authority’s Environmental, Planning, and Construction team, that aligns the destination goals with careful consideration of the ongoing preservation flora and fauna and all the beautiful natural treasures than make up a region like the Catskills.

Snowmaking Upgrades

The biggest of projects in recent years was the continuing upgrades in the efficiency and effectiveness of snowmaking systems. Those advances continue yet this summer in an effort to replace the final pieces of older equipment, including 27,000 feet of pipe with the new and greatly improved hardware, as well as 250 HKD Impulse R5 tower snow guns and 5 SMI Super Polecats, replacing old high-energy-consumption snow guns.  These will allow crews to make snow more efficiently and better utilize water pumping capabilities.

The totality of these upgrades over several years is among Belleayre’s most celebrated achievements and has guests reveling in the early openings and the reliability of conditions, even when weather conditions aren’t cooperating. Belleayre’s snowmaking advances place the mountain among the most prepared venues on the planet to maintain conditions in the face of climate change. In fact, this past winter fans outvoted supporters of six other ski areas across the U.S. to win the Belleayre snowmaking crew the “I AM A SNOWMAKER” contest.

Lift Upgrades

Another project with a substantial and long-term impact on the guest experience is the replacement of Lift 7, which takes skiers and rider to the summit from Overlook Lodge. An aging triple chair, this replacement is a key update to lift infrastructure that will maintain reliability, continue to enhance the skier and rider experience. This project also calls for a skier bridge over a parking lot to provide skiers descending multiple trails easy access to the relocated Lift 7.

Other lift upgrades are planned this summer to Belleayre Express and Lift 8 to overhaul their electrical systems and preserve their continued reliability.

Alpine Trail Improvements

Changes to ski and snowboard trails include allowing a few existing trails, such as Upper Cathedral Brook, to return to forest. Others – Utsayantha and Goat Path – will be modified to both expand intermediate terrain high on the mountain and add snowmaking on those trails.

Lodges and Buildings

The Catskill Thunder gondola, the only gondola in the Catskills, will also be getting a new maintenance building this summer. This is a modest new structure that will allow crews easier access to gondola cabins and continue to ensure they are maintained to the highest standards, all while still permitting uninterrupted daily gondola operations.

With the growth in visitors at Belleayre, the aging Administrative Building requires an expansion as well. The exterior deck of this current building will be removed to make room for a modest 875 square foot building addition. This space will be added to the rear of the structure to preserve parking in front. The expansion will be made with a similar wood frame construction and include improvements to outdated heating and air handling systems.

Grooming and Sustainability

The Belleayre grooming fleet will be getting a new environmentally friendly hybrid groomer called a winch cat. Though this environmentally friendly groomer can be used on all terrain, it comes with a specialized winch system to allow improved grooming for a better guest experience on steeper terrain.

Continuing the Tradition

Together, these improvements continue the more than seven-decade tradition of advancements that have forged the way for Belleayre’s rising popularity. These thoughtful enhancements through the years have a direct and important impact on healthy recreation alternatives for individuals and families, especially the enormous population living such a short drive from the Catskills.

Summer Projects at Whiteface

July 26, 2023

(The third article in a series of three articles on summer projects at Olympic Authority mountains)

Whiteface has a long and storied history. Since the arrival in the 1920’s of skiing’s earliest pioneers, these iconic slopes have been home to the thrills and beauty and sense of freedom inherent in alpine winter sports. Through the years, what’s driven development of Whiteface as a world-class ski destination is both a deep respect for the natural environment and a passionate pursuit of the best ski experience in the East.

This thoughtful stewardship has produced a place unlike any other. Working together to maintain and advance Whiteface‘s world leadership in competitive and recreational skiing and snowboarding is a team of experts with deep experience in alpine resort operations, logistics, finance, engineering, and sustainability and environmental conservation. Under their guidance, Whiteface has also come to serve as a year-round travel destination and a powerful economic engine for the region.

Summer 2023 Projects

Though it’s often referred to as the “offseason,” the Whiteface Team is just as engaged in summer offering a different set of activities for guests. These include the Cloudsplitter Gondola, hiking, disc golf, and the Veterans’ Memorial Highway. Summer also ushers in a highly active time for maintenance, upgrades, and improvements.

As identified in the Whiteface Mountain Unit Management Plan (UMP), the summer of 2023 will include a wide range of initiatives from basic maintenance to snowmaking upgrades to major projects designed to transform the guest experience.

The Notch

In what is the biggest, most transformative project of the summer, crews are now installing a new detachable quad lift from the Bear Den Learning Center to a point just beyond the Legacy Lodge at mid-station. Named The Notch, this innovative lift – the only one of its kind in the East – will dramatically improve the skier experience in the coming 2023/24 season. Because it’s actually two lifts in one that together operate seamlessly, riders can unload onto the Boreen trail or continue farther upward where they can access other trails as well as the Legacy Lodge.

The Notch will help skiers and riders at the Bear Den access additional beginner and intermediate terrain while also providing access to upper mountain lifts and advanced terrain. In this way, The Notch will help everyone experience all that Whiteface has to offer while also reducing traffic on other lifts and trails.

Bear Den Learning Center

The Bear Den is a busy place in winter with hundreds of people of all ages getting their first introductions to skiing and snowboarding, and their overall experience plays a big role in their budding passions. These winter activities are growing in popularity, and that is evident by the numbers of first-timers at the Bear Den.

Facilities have grown right along with this popularity. The new Bear Den Lodge opened in 2015. The original Cub Carpet lift for first timers got a new roof to make the experience easier and more comfortable, plus a new magic carpet lift, the Coyote Cruiser, was installed. Updates were also made to the renamed Falcon Flyer triple chair, designed for those gaining experience but still learning.

This summer, in addition to the exciting installation of The Notch, the Whiteface Team is making an important change to the Cub Carpet lift, re-orienting it to make getting on easier, to reduce traffic around both beginner lifts, and to improve the experience for first-time skiers and riders.

Together, these changes to the Bear Den Learning Center will improve the dynamic flow of guests and enhance the experience for everyone.

Snowmaking Upgrades

In recent years, the Snowmaking Team at Whiteface has made big changes to the mountain’s infrastructure, making systems more powerful, more reliable, and far more energy efficient. Major improvements are in already in place, and the results have been proven reliable. Last year, for example, for the first time in history, crews had the mountain open from the summit to base on opening day. This summer’s upgrades will feature a relatively modest but important addition of 150 new high efficiency snow guns as well as corresponding air and water lines being installed to further improve skier and rider conditions on Parron’s Run.

Cloudsplitter Gondola Maintenance

First opened in 1999, the Cloudsplitter Gondola was an enormous advancement for the skier and rider experience while also ushering in a new era of year-round activity at the mountain. This summer, the gondola will get a new rope and grip hardware, all of which will be installed between the close of the fall season and the opening of the winter season.

Grooming and Other Equipment

Winch technology is a big grooming advance that improves conditions on the steepest pitches. Two new Pisten Bully 600W cats are being added this summer to the Whiteface grooming fleet. One will include a winch and the other will be winch ready, which is the most economical combination to ensure a cat with a winch is always available. For other ongoing mountain operations, several new snowmobiles and UTVs are also on the way to replace aging units.

Other Slope Maintenance

On the popular Victoria trail adjacent lower Skyward, a powerline will be buried to remove it from view and to remove it as a potential obstacle for grooming equipment. Similarly, outdated power poles installed long ago on Boreen will be removed, too. Finally, a transformer serving the summit will be moved to enhance reliability and access.

Veterans Memorial Highway

A New York State treasure, the Veterans’ Memorial Highway to the top of Whiteface was among the first developments on Whiteface. The castle at the top of the highway, made from local rock removed during the road’s construction, is also a landmark of immeasurable historical value. Both the highway and castle have seen vital maintenance work in recent years, and today, these extraordinarily remote yet fully accessible locations are among the top attractions in the Olympic Region. This summer, the castle is getting a new roof and windows to safeguard the integrity and longevity of this cherished monument to the veterans of World War I.

A Place Unlike Any Other

For 100 years, Whiteface has loomed large in the imaginations of alpine winter sport and recreation enthusiasts. Its beginnings as a ski center played a pioneer’s role in the early development of the winter alpine sports in America, and through the years, the vision for this natural wonder grew to include hosting the biggest winter sports event of them all – the 1980 Olympics. Whiteface has been host to a great many national, international, and regional alpine competitions, too. This special mountain also launched the dreams of numerous athletes, including Olympians, by serving so masterfully as a center for training and racing. Yet, it is also a tremendous asset for the recreational skier and rider and a place where many have discovered skiing and snowboarding for the first time. It’s diverse terrain and programs nurture their enthusiasm, skills, and sense of adventure. In that way it has become a treasured home to multitudes of recreational skiers and riders at all levels. Through their ongoing work to maintain this extraordinary venue, the Whiteface Team continues to provide the careful stewardship necessary to preserve this legacy far into the future for all to enjoy.

Discovering Greatness Inside Lake Placid’s Olympic Center

August 2, 2023

The 1932 and 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games radiated brilliantly around the world as beacons of sporting excellence, and today the excitement of those colossal events still resonates. As the iconic centerpiece of the village of Lake Placid, the Olympic Center is a hub of year-round recreation, sport, tourism, and adventure for all. With the modernization projects completed at the end of 2022, Lake Placid is ushering in a whole new era with summer guests now discovering the region’s greatness in all new ways.

The Renewal of the Historic Ice Arenas

The 1980 Herb Brooks Arena and the 1932 Jack Shea Arena are two rinks steeped in a remarkable history each their own, and now, improvements are breathing new life into their use as modern sport and entertainment venues and elevating their efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.  New scoreboards, seating, concessions, restrooms, locker rooms, refrigeration, HVAC systems, concourse areas, high-efficiency LED lighting, and 100% electric Zambonis are key improvements.

The James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval – where the 1932 Opening Ceremonies were held, where the first gold medal in those games was won and awarded to local Lake Placid hero Jack Shea, and where Eric Heiden stunned the world in 1980 by winning five gold medals – is the recipient of similar rejuvenation projects. A new refrigeration system, an entirely new track base, an artfully landscaped entry plaza for ceremonies and spectators, updated flagpoles and the 1980 Parade of Nations, environmentally friendly LED lighting, a new hockey box, and a new facility for media, athletes, officials, and maintenance are all parts of bringing the oval to international standards and lifting it once again among the best outdoor speedskating facilities anywhere for training and competition. In fact, during the March 2022 World University Games speedskating races, improved track conditions laid the foundation for athletes to set an unprecedented ten new track records, including Heiden’s 5,000-meter record, set during the 1980 Olympics.

A Contemporary New Miracle Plaza

The new Miracle Plaza serves the purpose of connecting the two historic ice arenas while also offering beautifully designed spaces with fully re-designed and renovated attractions of its own.

The large main floor entrance facing the James C. Sheffield speed skating oval is home to the all-new Lake Placid Olympic Museum and the Miracle Moments retail store. Displayed in the grand foyer of this entry is one of the four original panels of the 1980 Miracle on Ice scoreboard, with the final score of that game forever illuminated. Upstairs on the mezzanine level, guests will find the absolute best view in town, built right into the new Roamers Café.

The Olympic Museum

The official chronicler of the region’s glory and keeper of its tangible vestiges, the all-new Lake Placid Olympic Museum now welcomes visitors inside the new Miracle Plaza entrance. The museum is now an immersive learning experience that’s as inspiring as it is informative.

Newly re-imagined spaces feature state-of-the-art interactive displays with 3D, experiential learning exhibits, engaging displays, athlete stories, never-before-seen film footage, and treasured artifacts. Hop into the bobsled simulation for a thrilling virtual ride down the most technical bobsled track in the world or look through the goggles of a ski jumper flying down the massive tower and taking off into the air. Both are unique and heart-pumping experiences.

A visit to the new museum is a tour through time. One that not only recounts Lake Placid’s rich winter sports history but also conveys the ideals of its legacy. The experience is one in which visitors will discover the boundless human spirit that is the driving force of Olympic champions. A spirit that lives in each of us.

Miracle Moments

Right next to the museum is a new retail store called Miracle Moments, offering souvenirs, keepsakes, memorabilia, and a fun chance for visitors to take home their own slice of history. One can add to their collection of Olympic pins, posters, or other keepsakes and also find hats, shirts, jackets, and more with venue logos.

Roamers Café

Named for the New York Rangers’ ice hockey farm team that called Lake Placid home from 1946 to 1952, Roamers Café is an expansive new dining space with a sleek and contemporary vibe. Its casual and satisfying, internationally inspired menu comes with a special side order of eye-popping panoramic views of the Olympic Village and the Adirondack High Peaks. The totality of this unique dining experience just steps away from two historic rinks, is a delight for the palate, the eyes, and the heart.

No Better Time to Visit the Olympic Center

The improvements at the Olympic Center, together with other Olympic Authority venues, provide superior training and competition opportunities for athletes at all levels while also providing a wide range of recreation and leisure activities for everyone who visits. In this way, the Olympic Authority is diligently and responsibly maintaining its mission to create economic and social benefit.

Bold New Future Brings New Shopping Experiences

August 8, 2023

With renewed & modernized venues comes a new era of events and experiences, all of it with new retail opportunities to cherish the memories and all of it part of the Olympic Authority’s bold new future.

It’s no secret Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy permeates the entire region. You can feel it everywhere. The 1932 and 1980 Games still echo through our village and in the surrounding Adirondack High Peaks.

With loads of activities year-round, the Lake Placid Legacy Sites beg to be explored. And now, each also offers unique selections of memorabilia, gear, and souvenirs to make your experience even more memorable. So when you visit, don’t miss these distinctive chances to find your favorite keepsake and take home your own little piece of this remarkable history.


Whiteface is a mammoth mountain and home to the greatest vertical drop of any ski resort east of the Rockies. It’s an Olympic venue that transforms the average getaway into something especially memorable. No snow required!

Skiers and riders know it and love it for winter fun. But that fun never fades, even when the temperature rises, because with the Cloudsplitter Gondola, disc golf, and the historic and incredibly scenic Veterans’ Memorial Highway to the top of the mountain, there’s fun and adventure at Whiteface all year round.

And that makes Brookside Apparel a perfect stop. It’s a shop that is positively brimming with stylish gear from some of the hottest mountain apparel skiers and outdoor enthusiasts love – brands like Burton, Obermeyer, Scott, Salomon, and more. You’ll find not only genuine ski gear, exclusive Whiteface apparel, and the necessities one needs on the mountain but also many other charming treasures to have and to hold and remember your moments on the mountain.

But wait! There’s also the Castle Gift Shop on the top of the Veterans’ Memorial Highway. If you’re making the drive up this treasured roadway, the Castle is literally rocking with a lineup of outer outerwear, sweatshirts, hats, trail signs, mugs, and more.

Plus, at both Brookside Apparel and the Castle Gift Shop, season pass holders always save 10% on every retail purchase as part of your passholder perks!

Olympic Center

Known by many as the headquarters of history, the Olympic Center in downtown Lake Placid is a monument to everything this village stands for. There are so many iconic moments this landmark is famous for, it’s impossible to name them all. There was local speedskater Jack Shea’s legendary Gold medal win, the first of the 1932 Games, and the first time a podium was ever used in an Olympics. There was Norwegian phenome Sonje Hennie’s Gold medal performance in those same Games. There was also the astounding five Gold medal wins by speedskater Eric Heiden. And, of course, the biggest moment in sports in the 20th Century, the unforgettable Miracle on Ice.

Today, just next to the all-new Lake Placid Olympic Museum that immortalizes all these achievements, there is a new Miracle Moments store. Inside awaits a treasure trove of exclusive gear, memorabilia, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces, jerseys, pins, posters, and more. Whether you’re there to see an event or to soak in the historic vibes, Miracle Moments is a great place to find your own little piece of history to take home.

Mt Van Hoevenberg

There’s simply no other place like it on Earth. Mt Van Hoevenberg is a secluded oasis that’s also home to a spectacularly unique combination of sports and recreation, all steeped in adrenaline, adventure, and a fascinating Olympic history. This incredible combination of elements brings athletes from all over the world to train in both winter and summer. With phenomenal cross-country skiing, indoor climbing, hiking and running, bobsled and luge rides, the nation’s only indoor refrigerated bobsled and skeleton start track, and even a summertime discover biathlon program for anyone to try out the sport, this is a place you can relish your own unlimited adventures all while world-class athletes are training at the same facilities.

Tucked just up the stairs inside the venue’s beautiful new lodge is the nation’s only SWIX concept store. On the main level off the entrance, you’ll also find Mountain Pass Mercantile. Two great shops just a few steps away from one another.

SWIX offers a stunningly fashionable collection of outdoor gear. If you’re a Nordic skier or just need to stay warm in the winter, there are gorgeous and highly functional finds to be had here. Mountain Pass Mercantile features an equally exclusive but decidedly different array of mountain adventure gear. Plus, a super sweet collection of souvenirs, logo gear, sports memorabilia, jackets, shirts, mugs, hats, pins, patches, and a lot more. They even have otherwise-impossible-to-find merchandise from USA Bobsled and Skeleton, USA Luge, and USA Hockey, featuring brands like Cotopaxi, Rumpl, Camelback, Suncloud, Stormtech, and more.

Enjoy Mt Van Hoevenberg’s dazzling array of adventures while also delighting in some of the coolest gear and collectibles on the planet.

Olympic Jumping Complex

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, we all marvel at Lake Placid’s iconic ski jump towers. Those imposing structures at the Olympic Jumping Complex are awe-inducing, powerfully distinctive features of our local landscape and a fascinating place to visit.

The history of this venue is equally captivating. Now, you can celebrate these jumps and their incredible history with little treasures from the Gift Shop in the Intervales Lodge. Inside you’ll find locally crafted products that highlight the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Adirondack Mountains, plus Olympic memorabilia and even charming little items for gift-giving.

Whether you’re there to experience the excitement of ski jumping competition or to soak in the spectacle of some of the world’s best athletes in training or just to feel the vibe and see the spectacular scenery from the top of the jump towers, the gift shop will be an extra source of fascination you won’t want to miss.

Your Four Opportunities

Within Lake Placid’s four decidedly different Olympic venues, four distinctive opportunities await for you to find a little treasure to remember it all by. Each of these shops offer distinctive Adirondack gifts, unique treasures, and exclusive keepsakes. That way, on a visit to Lake Placid, you’re not only sure to make memories to last a lifetime but also find something of your very own to cherish just as long.

Adirondack Dining Experiences Beyond the Ordinary

September 11, 2023

Nestled in the picturesque High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountains is an array of unique dining options with historic connections to the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games. Among the top winter sports venues in the world, the Lake Placid Legacy Sites are home to exceptional dining options as well a rich Olympic history, breathtaking natural beauty, and thrilling outdoor adventures. Together, these are the rare ingredients of unparalleled dining experiences at Whiteface Mountain, the Olympic Center, the Olympic Jumping Complex, and Mt Van Hoevenberg.

Whiteface Mountain

Summer and fall, enjoy a leisurely meal accompanied by awe-inspiring scenery. Situated at a breathtaking elevation, the 4610’ Grill stands as the highest food truck in New York, offering a simple but incomparable dining experience. Its menu is loaded with casual favorites to add extra delight to your mountaintop adventure, so you can satisfy your hunger while soaking in the spectacular views. While you’re there, be sure not to miss the souvenirs and gifts inside the Whiteface Castle Gift Shop.

If you’re riding the gondola, the Whiteface Base Lodge offers another distinctive alternative. The Legends cafeteria on the main level has something to suit everyone. Whether it’s flatbread, sushi, soup, and sandwiches, you can even order online, so it’s ready to go when you arrive.

Olympic Center

Inside this historical heart of Lake Placid lies a contemporary and vibrant dining experience at Roamers Bar and Bistro. Located within the Olympic Center’s Miracle Plaza, this modern and spacious cafe is named for the independent New York Rangers’ ice hockey farm team that once called Lake Placid home. Nestled just steps away from two historic ice arenas and within viewing distance of a third, the sleek contemporary ambiance of Roamers offers a delightful escape with astounding views of the Olympic Village and the Adirondack High Peaks. The location combined with a deliciously casual menu offering local and international flavors, affords you a rare chance to indulge all your senses. Whether you dine in or grab a bite to go, Roamers has you covered!

Olympic Jumping Complex

Lake Placid’s ski jumps are iconic. Steeped in a remarkable history and with so much to see and do, you’ll want to take a moment for yourself to indulge in something delicious the snack bar inside the spacious Intervales Lodge. With a variety of beverages and coffee drinks, Italian soda, ice cream floats and treats, crispy snacks, and more, you can relax and recharge while contemplating what it must be like to soar the length of a football field off these magnificent jumps. Summer or winter, the views and the treats at the jumps go together perfectly to make your day a memorable one.

Mt Van Hoevenberg

Home to an astounding range of athletic and recreational adventures, Mt Van Hoevenberg also offers a chance to break from your outdoor adventures with a delightful meal at its 81-18 Café. It’s a charming dining spot inside the new Mountain Pass Lodge and a haven for hungry adventurers with a welcoming and spacious setting. From hearty breakfast and lunch fare to satisfying grab ‘n go options, the 81-18 Café offers fresh and tasty choices including sandwiches, bagels, wraps, salads, and much more. Enjoy your selections in the expansive cafeteria with its outside deck and large windows overlooking both the indoor climbing center and the combined bobsled, skeleton, and luge track outside. Or savor your meal while relaxing in luxury in the adjacent lounge area with a large outside deck, providing superb views of the biathlon range with beautiful Adirondack peaks in the background.

Mt Van Hoevenberg is an extraordinary venue, and the scrumptious cuisine at the 81-18 Cafe creates an impressive and compelling destination for hungry adventurers as well as those looking for a rare and picturesque dining experience.

Four Exceptional Dining Options

These four delicious and uncommon settings for wonderful meals await every Lake Placid visitor. Whether you’re conquering the heights of Whiteface Mountain, exploring the historic Olympic Center downtown, watching athletes soar off ski jumps, or seeking adventure in the multitudes of activities at Mt Van Hoevenberg, you can rest assured that good food will be a part of your Lake Placid Legacy Sites experience. Bon appétit!

Cloudsplitter Gondola – A Special Experience for Every Couple

September 5, 2023

How do you define romantic? Dictionary definitions of the word have it pertaining to things “that show strong feelings and emotions.”

It may, however, be better defined not through words but by experiences. Big experiences. The kind you have with someone you love. The kind that makes you gleeful, giddy, delighted, like you just won Olympic gold.

For big romantic moments here in the Olympic Region, you don’t necessarily need gifts or a candle lit dinner. The Cloudsplitter Gondola at Whiteface Mountain offers a distinctively different romantic experience.

During the winter, summer, and fall, the Cloudsplitter Gondola combines epic scenery with the excitement of soaring up a mountainside in a private cabin. The fun starts at the Whiteface Mountain base lodge, where the Cloudsplitter Gondola departs for its 15-minute glide up the mountain. The glass-enclosed gondola cabin offers big Adirondack views in every direction.

Once you arrive at the top, you’re on the summit of Little Whiteface. Here, you can dial down any urge to hurry and simply enjoy the mountain at your leisure. Soak up the views and the sunshine. Relax on a bench on the expansive wooden platform overlook. Get to know the peaks and landscape through the large binoculars installed there. Take in the wayfinding displays that help you identify the features of the vast wilderness around you. And don’t miss the chance to explore up close the mountain’s gorgeous flora and fauna.

You might also take time to take in a few things others don’t always notice. One is the plaque dedicating Whiteface Mountain to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division. It’s made up of a plaque mounted on a rock from Mt. Belvedere in Italy where the 10th Mountain Division heroically fought in 1945. Another is the short but exquisite path into the forest on the left side between the gondola and the viewing platform. This little trail makes a short dive into the woods and serves up a little side adventure with enormous views.

Your adventure doesn’t have to end there, however, because after the return trip to the base of the mountain, there is also Legends – a hot spot to enjoy a meal together. Also at the base lodge, pop into Brookside Apparel to find cool outdoor gear, souvenirs, and special gifts to remember your day with.

The Cloudsplitter Gondola is a wonderful way for people of all abilities to see and experience an Adirondack summit with stunning views. No hiking skills needed. Just bring your enthusiasm, your sense of wonder, and your favorite person.

And if you’re planning to visit other Olympic sites, consider an Olympic Sites Passport. The one-time purchase gets you discounted access to all sites, a cool badge to wear, and discounts at food and retail locations. One of those additional sites is the Olympic Jumping Complex, and we can confirm the views from way up there are pretty romantic, too.