The New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) announces that it is moving from its temporary location within the Lake Placid Conference Center starting, August 29, 2022. All administrative staff is planned to be in the new location by September 12.

The new corporate address is:

Olympic Regional Development Authority

37 Church Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946

“We have been anticipating this move for some time,” stated Michael Pratt, President & CEO. “Before the construction of the Olympic Center and the new Miracle Plaza, our Finance department was in a locker room. The new building allows our service departments that support our venues to work more collaboratively in one facility, and the Olympic Center will now function as intended for guests and visitors.”

Exterior view from the parking lot of the new, nearly complete ORDA Administrative building.
Situated between USA Luge and the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center (both ORDA owned facilities), the new ORDA Administration Building is set to facilitate greater team synergies for staff.

The new facility is centrally located between USA Luge and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, which is owned by ORDA but operated by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.  It comprises three floors and will house all administrative staff in one location.  This allows for all-new guest spaces to open within the Olympic Center’s Miracle Plaza, which will include the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, renovated retail space, and dining.  The Lake Placid Conference Center will be again utilized for a variety of functions and events, including food service for the Lake Placid 2023 FISU World University Games.

Akin to the modernization of the venues, ORDA has integrated sustainability into the planning and development of the administrative facility.  These considerations include significant sunlight into workspaces, vehicle fleet structure with EV charging stations, and low profile visual impact considerations from exterior colors to air handling equipment inside the building (versus on the roof). Additionally, the facility has an electric snow melt system at the entrance to reduce the application of salt, further embracing the Randy Preston Salt Reduction Act. These approaches reflect ORDA’s core values, increasing the sense of community and responsibility to respect and maintain the environment.