The New York Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) announces its four-year reconstruction project at the Olympic Jumping Complex was recently recognized by Engineering News Record New York (ENR NY) with a 2022 Award of Merit in the category of Renovation/Restoration.

Judges selected from 21 projects in New York and New Jersey, each evaluated on the ability of the project team to overcome challenges, the project’s contribution to the industry and community, safety, and construction and design quality. Construction firm Gilbane Building Company submitted the award entry on behalf of ORDA.

Ski jumper reaching the end of the inruns on the renovated jumps and taking off into the night sky.
Ski jumper descending the new inruns of the renovated jumps. The new jumping surface and the redesigned landing hill are both key parts of the award-winning renovations of the Olympic Jumping Complex.

In recent years, ORDA has entirely rejuvenated the Olympic Jumping Complex to make it among world’s best. Today, it’s the only ski jumping facility in North America homologated for both winter and summer training and competition:

  • An ADA-compliant eight-person gondola (the Skyride) was added to carry coaches, athletes, visitors, and equipment from the lodge to the base of the jump towers.
  • The glass elevator to the top of the HS 128 meter ski jump was upgraded and now is available year-round to transport athletes and public alike.
  • The jump surfaces on both towers are completely revamped to provide the best possible summer jumping surfaces (inruns) as well as frost rails for winter that maintain consistency and reliability for jumpers.
  • The landing hills (outruns) of both jumps were re-graded and re-surfaced to provide optimal landing conditions year-round and to transition the official jump heights from the former 90 and 120 meter jumps to their current officially sanctioned heights of HS 100 and HS 128 meters.
  • A four-line zipline called the Sky Flyer is a recent addition to the facility, allowing visitors to experience thrills similar to ski jumping as the zipline course follows the incline and speed of the HS 100 meter ski jump.
  • The Intervales Lodge is an all-new facility at the base of the jumps, providing meeting rooms, dining, and other facilities, including even a retail shop for visitors, athletes, and coaches.

ORDA’s Olympic Jumping Complex at Lake Placid has long served as an important training and development center for athletes at all levels. The upgrades and modernization of the jumps creates new excitement and opportunities for spectators, athletes, and organizers of national and international competitions.

For more information on ENR NY and the other award winners, visit this ENR page.